Monday, 11 March 2013

Rachel Nichols

Rachel in GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)

The dreaded term "model turned actress" usually indicates a short-lived attempt by someone to extend an ability to pose about looking photogenic into a subsequent career when they become too old to face the ruthless eye of the camera without significant soft-focus/Photoshop.  

To find  a model who can actually act, therefore, is like finding a model with an Ivy League degree in Maths and Economics.  Lo, herewith Rachel Nichols who we find with both!  Rachel (33) started modelling after being spotted by an agent while studying at Columbia University and did work for Guess? and L'Oreal.

Her modelling work paid all her college fees and it was her modelling agent who got her into films and TV with her first role being the not too challenging "model at bar" in the film Autumn in New York (2000).  A much larger role in a Sex and the City episode followed two years later followed by a string of not very big films.


The Legatus first noticed her when she was brought into spy TV show Alias as an additional female lead in Season 5 as Jennifer Garner was pregnant.  Sadly for Rachel that season was to be the last.

Ho Ho Ho!

We next saw her in the JJ Abrams Star Trek (2009) reboot where she played a green skinned Orion girl.  Her presence meant that, sadly, the awesomely pneumatic Diora Baird, playing another Orion girl, had her part (s) cut completely as the producers though that two green girls would be too confusing for the poor viewer.

In Conan The Barbarian

Next I saw her in the somewhat disappointing Conan the Barbarian (2011) where her sparky performance was one of the better things in the film.


Currently she is taking the lead in the Canadian SF series Continuum; most notable for being a series shot in Vancouver which is actually set in Vancouver.  This was recommended by my particular friend Sophie from Vancouver who constantly moans about how many shows are filmed there where the city stands in for somewhere else.


Rachel is simply excellent in this very enjoyable show which has created some controversy in the US due to its time-travel terrorist plot which gives the terrorists aims a sympathetic hearing.  Some Americans don't appreciate moral ambiguity, it seems.  Anyway, it is currently in Season 2 so I will pick up the DVDs when they come out (next year, probably).


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