Friday, 5 April 2013

Emilia Clarke

The Legatus is enjoying the second season of Game of Thrones at present, although the loss of Sean Bean from the cast has reduced its gravitas somewhat- thank heavens for Charles Dance.  Still very much in the show is the luminous Emilia Clarke who plays feisty, dragon-loving Daenerys Targaryen.

Clarke, who was born in London, had very little experience before being chosen for the role to replace Tamzin Merchant, who withdrew from Game of Thrones during the making of the pilot, meaning some scenes had to be re-shot.  Apart from school and drama school plays she had had only had two tiny parts in TV shows.

Given that she is a 5'3" tall brunette and the production team were looking for a tall blonde she didn't think she had much chance against the hundreds of other women up for the part.  She won it, of course, and now has to suffer the three hours it takes to apply her wig every time she is filming.

A  fantasy TV series with naked women in it is most 14 year old boy's ultimate concept and Emilia had to spend a fair amount of time in Season One without her clothes on; including her very first scene.

Of course if you can have a naked woman with dragons all to the better although this then brings in the goth girls and the likes of my friend Sophie who enjoys a good fantasy woman as well as the next dragon loving girl.

Despite not having a model girl figure (although it is a very nice figure indeed and her height and proportions are exactly like one of Triple P's redheads from College) her spectacularly beautiful face has ensured that she gets to pose in expensive frocks for the more up market men's magazines, such as GQ, as well as newspaper colour supplements.  I suspect we won't be seeing her in FHM or Maxim.

She is currently appearing on Broadway where her bath scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's caused a barrage of supposedly banned camera flashes, on the play's first night, from Game of Thrones fans; to the extent that the theatre had to increase security.