Friday, 18 October 2013

Something for the Weekend: Pamela Bellwood

For all those who've ever painted any Foundry Masai here is Dynasty actress Pamela Bellwood on location for Playboy in the Masai Mara in Kenya.  

Her pictorial appeared in the April 1983 issue which also featured this rather outrageously constructed young lady, one Carry Lee, on the cover.  I have to confess that I prefer Miss Bellwood's body shape, however.

Photographer Richard Fegley had Bellwood dressed and decorated by the Masai women, which led to these rather effective shots.  They were somewhat scandalised by her bare legs however, as Masai women always wear skirts, even if the unmarried ones go bare breasted.

These pictures come from a number of sources.  Not just the US edition of Playboy but also the Spanish, French and Italian editions which used some different pictures in their pictorials.  Pictures from the shoot were also widely published in other non-Playboy publications to cash in on her Dynasty fame.

From a wargaming point of view they engender thoughts of a white woman brought up by the Masai for my Darkest Africa Zambezi campaign.  Another possibility, perhaps, is an In her Majesty's Name African scenario, perhaps featuring Allan Quatermain, the Empire of the Dead figure of whom we are going to start this weekend.

Maybe she needs rescuing.  Maybe she doesn't want to be rescued.  All sorts of possibilities occur.

Bellwood's father, a San Diego stockbroker, didn't speak to her for a month after the pictorial appeared but eventually he came around to the extent that he told his daughter that she was mad to turn down the $1 million that Hustler offered her to pose, even though, no doubt, their shots would not have been anything like as tasteful as these.

Bellwood was thirty one at the time the pictorial appeared.  She was born as Pamela King in New York and attended Radcliffe College, the women's Ivy League college which was established for women who weren't allowed into Harvard. She dropped out of university and studied drama in New York and at RADA in London.

Apart from four years in Dynasty she has very many other TV and film appearances to her credit.  The Legatus thinks she makes a splendid (if rather short) Masai warrior.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Something for the Weekend: Kendo girl

Here, from French magazine Lui's June 1984 issue, in a photograph by Eric Hérak, is a fine young lady who would enliven up a game of Ronin no end.   Lui, France's premier men's magazine was launched by Daniel Filipacchi as a shameless copy of Playboy in 1963.  Less than ten years later Filipacchi would do a deal with Playboy's Hugh Hefner which would see him providing content for Hefner's new magazine Oui in the US but get the right to publish Playboy in France in return. The magazine featured probably the finest photography of naked young women then or since and, being French, was packed with pretentious articles by famous writers.

Lui in 1984

Famous for its ability to coax well known French and European actresses out of their clothes in a way their competitors couldn't, by 1984 it's circulation had started to slip a bit from the highs of the 350,000 copies a month it had at the beginning of the decade.  It finally ceased publication in 1994 although was briefly, but unsuccessfully, revived by another publisher from 1995 to 1997.

Now, however, it's back.  Circulation of men's magazines in France is actually going up compared with women's publications.  So a new team have taken the plunge with this very glossy new 220 page October 2013 issue.  They are still able to coax French actresses out of their clothes (actually, is that really difficult?  Even the Legatus managed this feat with a minor French starlet several decades ago!) and resplendent on the cover is Léa Seydoux.  Most famous in English speaking countries for her role in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011), the Palme d'Or winning actress is next due in controversial lesbian drama Blue is the Warmest Colour (2013).

It's still full of pretentious writing, however, so it may very well succeed in France!