Saturday, 22 November 2014

Holly Madison for Beaujolais Nouveau

To link in with my Beaujolais Nouveau post here we present Miss Holly Madison celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau Day for Georges Duboeuf at the Paris Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas on a previous year. Everyone enjoys a lady up to her knees in grapes!

L to R: Marquardt, Wilkinson and Madison

Who is Holly Madison, you ask?  "Couldn't get a celebrity!" obviously, as my sister once observed when Jeffrey Archer ran a charity auction in my parents in law's garden once.  Well, she was one of three pneumatic blondes Mr Hugh Hefner, (let's be frank, here) employed as his girlfriends around ten years ago, along with Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson.

Madison (left) and Wilkinson.  90% woman 10% silicone

The latter can currently be seen in the dreadful but somehow appallingly addictive (if you're my son, anyway) reality TV show I'm a Celebrity get me Out of Here looking really rather average and patently not being a patch on Mylene Klass, despite being brought in as bikini totty.

Miss Madison looks rather fetching in her French peasant-themed outfit and poses rather nicely with her Beaujolais, although her version of full-bodied and fruity is not really to the Legatus' taste.  I have only had one experience of a young lady enhanced with silicone (in Beverly Hills, naturally) and, frankly, I found it rather disturbing.  Neither a positive visual nor tactile (especially) experience for me, I am afraid.  The process is akin to those people who put fibreglass spoilers and other unnecessary body 'enhancements' on to sports cars.  The classic chassis is always best.


  1. Thanks for this. Good to hear your views, and experience, on silicone; rather what I'd always suspected. In my "artistic" opinion natural and undersized is visually much nicer, though clients often tend towards preference for slghtly larger. My current model is quite small (but perfectly formed) in that department and it's delightfully gratifying to be the recipient of her praisie when she sees the enhancements I make in paint.

    1. As my father once said to me "shape is more important than size!"