Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Mariam Agredano at the Giro d'Italia 2019

It's not just the podium girls at the Giro; many of the sponsors employ young ladies to promote their products too, at the start or finish. Very visible this year has been Argentinian model Mariam Agredano (left, above).  She has been working for the curiously titled Named Sport, who are an Italian sports nutrition company, one of the Giro's main sponsors.

Arguably, of all the Grand Tours, the Giro has the loveliest girls and, unlike the Tour or the Vuelta, has had no serious criticism of it employing these ladies.

After all, these ladies have rights too and what is a world class beauty like Señorita Agredano going to do if she can't look sullenly gorgeous at a cycle race. Model lingerie?

There is no such thing as perfection, of course, but if I had to design my visually perfect lady (like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall (1990), perhaps) then I would venture that she would be very close to the lovely Mariam.  As one of my friends observed in the past: "He does like them dark and obvious".

She is so world class that she made the cover of the summer issue of Australian Penthouse for January/February 2017. 

Now I do not like things coming from the Argentine, on the whole, as their government owes me about  $75,000 in unpaid fees which I know I will never get. "Forget it, you are British," my not very helpful Argentinian lawyer told me. I do not buy Argentinian wine, therefore, but I am prepared to make an exception for Mariam.

Fortunately, this is my adults only blog (although why naked ladies should be confined to adults (theoretically), by the puritans in American internet companies, I don't know, as I am certain teenage boys (and no doubt some teenage girls ) would enjoy them too.

We can, therefore, present these other fine studies of Señorita Agredano, from her Penthouse pictorial,  which were taken in Spain, where she now lives.

Lovely photography by Spanish fashion and beauty photographer Edu Gómez,


  1. The Tour de Yorkshire three weeks ago was definitely missing something.....

    1. Although early on in the Giro the weather was very much the same!